Renewable Energy

Renewable electricity production costs are declining rapidly, and production is increasing all over the world.

This ever more affordable renewable electricity (specifically from wind and solar) can power John Cockerill’s electrolysers to produce CO²-free hydrogen (“green hydrogen”) in large volumes. This green hydrogen can fuel activities and sectors which are otherwise hard to decarbonise, including in the industry (as feedstock or process applications) and for mobility applications.

Moreover, since green hydrogen can be stored, transforming intermittent renewable electricity into green hydrogen makes it available anytime throughout the day and year.

Green hydrogen can also be transported over long-distances by ocean-going tankers or gas pipelines, making it the perfect solution to provide large volumes of clean energy to any region of the world. 

This renewable electricity powers John Cockerill’s electrolysers to produce CO²-free hydrogen (“green hydrogen”) in large volumes and at affordable prices.


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