H2 Production

Because the best way to produce green hydrogen is through water electrolysis, John Cockerill Hydrogen has developed a wide range of alkaline electrolysers compatible with a large number of applications.

John Cockerill delivers the heart of the process: the electrolyser stack, separation and purification skids, water demineralisation and power transformers and rectifiers.

Typically, an electrolyser’s unit integrates a number of components ensuring hydrogen production at the required flow rate, pressure and purity:

  • Electrical transformer ;
  • Electrical rectifier ;
  • Stack and 2 skids Control room, PLC ;
  • Lye loop and water tank ;
  • Piping ;
  • Pumps;
  • Remote control
All our components are perfectly integrated with the smallest possible footprint. Since all components are independent and a typical process line has several stacks, lines can easily be duplicated to reach high-capacity plants. But an electrolysis plant is more than just process lines; John Cockerill provides a number of different compression and storage solutions and HRS (hydrogen refuelling stations). Our teams constantly analyse our customers’ needs for adapting storage needs, but also purity (up to 99.999%), flow, and pressure.
Our EPC team can analyse any project. Why not yours?
Our teams constantly analyse our customers’ needs for adapting storage needs, but also purity (up to 99.999%), flow, and pressure.

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