John Cockerill Hydrogen’s pressurized electrolyser solutions

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Relying on decades of experience in electrolysis and hydrogen, John Cockerill Hydrogen offers a full range of pressurised alkaline electrolysers as well as pressurised and gas treatment equipment.

With more than 1,000 references in over 30 countries, working with a wide range of industries (chemicals, glassmaking, steelmaking, power plants, etc.), our electrolysers offer the best reliability and continuity of services.

John Cockerill’s electrolysers are designed for friendly operation maintenance, fast & easier installation / commissioning operations.

Key benefits of
our pressurized electrolysers

Electrical Consumption gain

Higher reactivity to load variations

Low carbon footprint

Proven technology

Less or no compression stage
Largest stacks on the market, more suitable for large installations
In 2020, 20% of the hydrogen electrolysers sold worldwide were Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen’s. In 2021, this figure has risen to 33% with 153 MW delivered.

The largest single stack

  • John Cockerill offers a 5 MW single stack pressurised electrolyser: the largest on the market
  • John Cockerill offers the largest single stack pressurized electrolyser of 5MW and already has 58 references
  • Large size stack is a must for low CAPEX and OPEX while minimising the number of installed units optimising the footprint.